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Financial Planning Ministry Celebrates $2.5 Billion in Charitable Estate Giving!

Financial Planning Ministry, a leader in planned giving through estate planning, is thrilled to announce a momentous milestone. With unwavering commitment to Biblical stewardship and generous giving, FPM has facilitated the redirection of more than $2.5 billion from probate and posthumous complications to estate gifts that will benefit charities across the nation and world!

Since 1982, FPM has been dedicated to empowering individuals and families to wisely plan ahead and care for both for their loved ones and the causes they hold dear. Through a unique blend of comprehensive seminars, professional guidance, and document provision, FPM has demystified the complexities of estate planning, enabling donors to leave legacies that truly make an eternal difference.

Our mission at Financial Planning Ministry has always been to facilitate the funding of kingdom work by bridging the gap between the desires of our ministry partners and their supporters. This extraordinary event of reaching $2.5 billion in charitable giving is a testament to the shared vision of our partners, their donors, and our dedicated team at FPM. Together, we are reshaping the landscape of philanthropy and leaving an enduring impact.

FPM's legacy of excellence has resonated deeply within its network of over 150 ministry partners, including Christian churches, camps, universities, missions, outreach organizations, and broadcast ministries. By providing accessible education and personalized estate plans, FPM has established itself as a trusted 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization facilitating the funding of transformative kingdom work.

Please join us as we celebrate this monumental achievement and the collective impact of individuals and organizations who have chosen to invest in the furthering of God’s plans and purposes. To Him be the glory!


About Financial Planning Ministry: Financial Planning Ministry (FPM) is a nonprofit partnership of national charities dedicated to providing a path to sound biblical stewardship through donor estate planning. For more information about Financial Planning Ministry, or to learn how your organization may benefit from an FPM estate planning partnership, visit, e-mail your inquiry to,or call toll-free (800) 871-4901.


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