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  • Who is Financial Planning Ministry?
    We are a non-profit 501 c 3 ministry having served the Christian community for over 40 years. We are funded by the support contributions of more than 150 partner ministries - no product sales. We have assisted more than 47,000 members in completing their personal estate plans in all 50 states. Our documents contain gift designations of more than $2,500,000,000 to Christian charities. Our staff of over 40 provide outstanding service and support to our members. Michael Prior, J.D. has served as President of FPM for 30 years with a board of 5 non-profit directors.
  • How does the Partnership work?
    FPM will conduct seminars (2) at your site(s) per year based on your request. We will offer one-on-one appointments approximately 3 weeks later. We will provide all documentation for members to complete their estate plan. Your members are eligible for ongoing follow-up and document updates from FPM at no cost. We request that you contribute financially to support the charitable purposes of the FPM ministry. Updates on your program’s gift progress will be provided at your request.
  • What are some benefits of partnering with FPM?
    Teach your members about another important aspect of stewardship. Give your members a tool to avoid probate, eliminate Federal estate taxes and protect their loved ones. Build a steady, dependable, future gift income stream for the mission of your ministry. Give your members an opportunity to support additional ministries important to them. Provide an important benefit to your members from a proven ministry track record since 1982.
  • Do you serve only churches?
    No. Although we serve many churches, we are also partnered with various para-church ministries as well. Organizations include many Christian churches, universities, evangelistic associations, funding and lending institutions, missionary organizations, retirement homes and youth camps.
  • Is this only about getting documents prepared?
    FPM’s purpose is not to provide a convenient document service for our members, though it does. It is about Stewardship. More than 60% of the population decease with no will or trust plan whatsoever. This often leaves their loved ones with a lengthy court process which can consume 6% to 8% of their estate. It is not unusual for probate costs to exceed $30,000 or more by the end of the process. With our assistance this burden can be avoided. The purpose of FPM is to guide members to better stewardship by creating their estate plan, avoiding the costs of probate, loss of privacy and control and redirecting those funds for Kingdom purposes.
  • When will we begin seeing financial results?
    You will immediately begin seeing the commitments by members made through their estate plans. You will begin receiving gifts only as those donors pass away. Eventually, your gifts received will far exceed the investment you make in the initial years.
  • Do you really cover everything?
    Everything pertaining to educating and providing a basic comprehensive state specific estate plan document. Should a member have the rare but unusually complicated legal or financial need, we will refer them to outside counsel options for legal advice which we do not provide. Any fees would be arranged privately between member and the professional they choose.
  • Do you ever solicit our members for other financial services?
    Absolutely not. We do not sell investments or insurance and do not participate in any solicitation of your members. There are no monies that exchange hands between FPM and your members.
  • Do you understand individual state's estate planning issues?
    Yes, we have provided documents that are state specific for the past 40+ years.
  • What is the downside of this program?
    If you are looking for an immediate fund-raiser this is not the program. You may wait 10 years or more to realize your first gifts depending on the average age of your donors and life circumstances. However, while time passes you will be providing a valuable service to your members who will appreciate this gift you are providing for them. Eventually you will likely be receiving a return well above the industry average of 4 to 1. In some cases, it may be better than 50 to 1 or greater over your initial investment.
  • What if we have more questions?
    We’re glad to address any additional questions you have. This truly is a partnership among ministries and we want you to be fully informed and engaged in the process for long-term success. Our timing is your timing. You can either call us directly at 800.871.4901 or complete the form at the bottom of the Partner's page and we will get back to you. Additionally, you can view our FPM Brochure for some further insight.
  • What is the next step?
    Once you determine you want to adopt this program for your ministry, we will provide our partnership form for your signature, request your first monthly contribution and schedule your first seminars.
Glossary of Terms
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