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Stewardship    noun

stew   ard   ship  |  \stu-erd-ship


1: the conducting, supervising, or managing of something


especially : the careful and responsible management of something

entrusted to one's care

2022 - CDF Capital

FPM honors CDF Capital for their 40 years of ministry partnership and incredible dedication to biblical stewardship.


As one of FPM’s original founders, CDF Capital knows this well. Their commitment to providing congregations and investors with estate plans has weathered decades of growth and change. In turn, those hearts have been stirred toward stewardship, generosity, and furthering kingdom work.


Thank you, CDF Capital, for your outstanding example to us all. Together, may we inspire and facilitate biblical stewardship and generosity through planned giving.

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2022 CFR Flame Award 1.jpg
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Since 2012, CFR has partnered with FPM in planned giving. For their excellence in this arena, we honored them with our 'Outstanding Stewardship Award'. 

Planned giving is ministry first and philanthropy second. CFR has served 377 families, helping them with end-of-life documents. Those families have planned gifts to CFR of over 7.5 million dollars and a Kingdom impact of 12.9 million dollars going to churches and other para-ministries - a combined total of over 20 million.

2022 - Christian Financial Resources 

2017 - Johnson University

We selected Johnson University for this award because they have been a leader in Christian stewardship for many years, especially in the area of planned giving. 

For over 30 years, this non-profit organization has strategically served God's kingdom by offering estate planning services to Christian universities, para-church organizations, and churches.

Johnson University has been blessed tremendously by those who have included the University in their wills and living trust as an act of stewardship, helping spread the Gospel by educate future generations of students.

2015 Flame Award- Central.jpg

Since 1994, FPM has partnered with Central Christian Church in Mesa, Arizona. The teaching of Biblical Stewardship runs deep and wide at Central, and not only during the message on Sunday morning. Through the Enrich program, which Central developed, their congregation has learned what it means to be faithful stewards of God’s resources. 

This applies to handling day-to-day financial decisions, as well as ways Central members might bless the Kingdom when they are no longer on this earth. Thousands of Central members have participated in FPM events, and 965 families have estate planning documents. Through Central Christian and FPM's combined efforts, $44 million has been designated to the church through members’ wills and trusts and another $14 million to other Christian, non-profit organizations. 

2015 - Central Christian


Previous Recipients Of The Award

Outstanding Stewardship Award
Celebrating Excellence in Planned Giving

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As a leader in Christian planned giving, FPM is proud to present the Outstanding Stewardship Award.  


Presented to leading ministries with an exclamation of ‘Well done, good and faithful!’ This accolade celebrates organizations dedicated to promoting biblical stewardship and fostering generous giving toward kingdom work, both now and in the future. 

CDF Capital
Johnson University
Central Christian Church
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