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Celebrating 40 years of Ministry 

1982 - 2022

Come See Why We're Celebrating!

A Grand Night of Celebration

Financial Planning Ministry (FPM), a leader in nonprofit planned giving, is pleased to announce several major milestones celebrated during their 40 years of ministry Gala event on July 20 at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel in Anaheim, CA.

Continue the celebration with us! Scroll down to see the impact 40 years of Ministry has had on families and ministries across the U.S., as well as photos and videos from the event!

For The Kingdom

Five joined together to further the kingdom

By one vision, united, seeking wisdom.

Who knew that a few would become so many,

Carried by Christ and His mission, steady?

Stewards and sojourners mapped worlds uncharted,

God always guiding them, not to be thwarted.

Were they understood? Not always, no!

But is the Lord fathomed? Never, no!


Dollars and cents,

Children and parents,

Friends of all ages,

Debts and wages...

Legacy’s more than the money we make.

It elevates everyday steps that we take.

We teach and coach; we pray and hope

That as the Lord speaks, hearts will be reached.


Though we grow, we stop and reflect

Over thousands of families, thoroughly blessed

With plans on paper and loads off the chest!

Over partners who strive and teach people to thrive  

While pursuing the giving, generous life!


How can minds grasp the dollars now destined

For giving, receiving, and forever blessing?

The lives changed,

The souls saved —

It did not start with five; it all started with Christ.

He led, He leads, and He will always be

Our head, our helm, our everything!

A poem by Liz Pimentel

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya