Frequently Asked Partner Questions

Will you take photos of the groom as well as the bride before the wedding?

I usually try to visit both the bride as well as the groom before the ceremony. Normally I will first visit the bride whilst she has her hair and make up done, and capture details such as the dress and shoes and some informal photos with her father and bridesmaids. If the guys are getting ready nearby or at the wedding venue then I’ll aim to get shots of them getting ready too. If the guys are getting ready far away at a separate location and you want their part of the day capturing too, you can add on a second photographer for an additional $250 and they will stay up until after the speeches. It also means that you will get photos from different angles which might not be possible with just one photographer, such as during the ceremony.

Do you take group photos as well as candids?

I sure do! I’m happy to take a limited amount of group photos of family and important guests and work to a pre-arranged list (I say to stick to no more than 8 in total, otherwise it can take over too much of the day), and this can be discussed at the pre-wedding meeting. It is best for everyone if no longer than 30 minutes is spent on the group photos, and your ushers can play their part in gathering people together to speed up the process.

Do you charge travel expenses?

Travel expenses for weddings within 50 miles of Melbourne will be covered within the package fee. Expenses for travel and accommodation for further afield will be added.

When will we be able to see our photographs?

I aim to have the photographs available to view online within 2 months so they are ready for when you return from your honeymoon. I firstly add the photos to a private gallery for you to remove any that you don’t like before adding the photos to the guests gallery. A small selection will also be added to my blog.

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