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Grace: New role as CFO/COO

Ms. Grace Grubert, Director of Administration at FPM, assumes her new role on January 4, 2021.

Irvine, CA – Financial Planning Ministry (FPM), a leader in nonprofit planned giving, is pleased to announce that Grace Grubert has accepted the promotion to the dual positions of Chief Financial and Operations Officer (CFO/COO). In her new role, Ms. Grubert will continue to help shape the future of FPM.

In making the announcement, President/CEO Michael Prior and Executive Vice President D. Clay Perkins praised Ms. Grubert for her natural leadership. The respect and rapport she earned among her team led the Board of Directors to elevate her to their top management team.

During Ms. Grubert’s time as Director of Administration, FPM has experienced a 260% growth in the number of donor families to 34,000 and anticipated bequests from these families to their chosen charities.

Michael Prior observed, “When Grace joined us in 2008, we quickly recognized she possessed the skills of executive decision-making along with the personal qualities needed to develop an effective team. Her effect on the growth and success of FPM is apparent from the success of our partner organizations.”

Upon announcement of the appointment, Ms. Grubert said, “It has been a privilege to serve Financial Planning Ministry and witness its incredible growth. I look forward to helping lead this unique ministry in delivering the best results for its partner charities and donor families.”

Ms. Grubert will promote the organization’s mission of stewardship from the FPM offices in Irvine, CA. Her efforts are supported by a national team of 35 staff serving 100 charitable partners, 34,000 estate planned families, and more than $1.6 billion in gift designations to Christian philanthropic organizations.


About Financial Planning Ministry:

Financial Planning Ministry (FPM) is a nonprofit partnership of national charities dedicated to providing a path to sound biblical stewardship through donor estate planning.

For more information about Financial Planning Ministry or to learn how your organization may benefit from an FPM estate planning partnership, visit, e-mail your inquiry to, or call toll-free, (800) 871-4901.


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